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The Key to Monetise Your Magic in 2023 is… Planning

I’m Katie, I run one of Australia’s leading strategy coaching and OBM Agency businesses, and I’d love you to have the EXACT tool I give to my clients to plan their 2023… for FREE.


You don’t need another course.

You need hands-on support to get things DONE!

“I hear you, Katie… but HOW?”

Let’s start with something simple… my 90 Day Planner for Service Business Owners. 

Intentional action is the genesis of all momentum in your service-based business.

Consistent, intentional, high-value actions create results.


As any business owner will tell you… there’s a whirlwind. 

A whirlwind of “stuff”.

Emails. Meetings. Invoicing. Payroll. Team Management. Contractors. 

You can get to the end of a month… or quarter… or of 2022…
and wish that you had taken more intentional action. 

Hot marketing. 
Conscious sales. 

Incredible new products. 

Resells, upgrades, and cross-sells.

But, it feels like there’s no time. 

But you know… it’s really that there’s no plan.

Enter my Planner. 

It’s simple, but it’s worked for hundreds of service-based businesses and their teams.

It’s about channeling three energies:

AMBITION – what do you REALLY want in 2023?

FOCUS – what ACTUALLY needs to happen to get there?

PASSION – how do you channel what MATTERS in your business?


And the best part? This planner is FREE. My gift to you for 2023.

When you download the Planner, we give you everything you need…

✅The editable, downloadable 90 Day Planning Tool – completely yours

✅Access to our Planning Training Program

✅Video Training #1: The Energetics of Planning

✅Video Training #2: Using the 90 Day Planning Tool for Your Success

✅Video Training #3: How to Onboard an Online Business Manager in 2023

And the best part? It’s our gift to you. Completely free. No strings attached.

A quick intro to me, Katie Kirsopp

Yes, I’m a shit-hot business strategist – but my zone of genius goes deeper than that. I’m not here to hand you a cookie cutter business plan that may or may not boost your profits. I’m here to connect with you and discover what you want, what your business needs, and what success looks like to you.

I lead my business and connect with my clients guided by human design, astrology, energy, and intuition. Together, these tools help me to communicate with you and see the bigger picture of your business.

Everyone is driven by different things and everyone connects differently. I’m here to get the most out of you by discovering what inspires you and how to connect on your level.

Sure, we can take you to seven figures with ease – if that’s in alignment with your goals – but that’s not my true north.

My guiding mission is to help you transform your business into one that you love.

Building a profitable business isn’t easy. But it is simple.


Energetics matter. But, without intentional action, we cannot get momentum.


My 90 Day Planner gives you clarity, direction, and focus. And it’s my gift to you!