Human Design Certified

This is where you find space. Space to think. Space to grow. Space to create. Space for your business. Space for you.

People on Purpose

We’re more than operations.
Anyone can do the process, although we do it bloody well.
We’re powered by people. That’s the difference.
Process perfection made powerful by people!

People on Purpose Playbook

We’re intentional about the human side of business, supporting entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose. This human-centred approach allows us to powerfully align people and operations.

You can have the perfect systems.

You can have amazing people.

True success lies in bringing these two business essentials together, working in sync to create flawless processes that are powered by people.

Where to from here?


Consistent impact, influence and income


Proactive people that you can rely on


Taking your strategy through to results


Be the go to person in your chosen niche


We’ll identify all the operational opportunities in your business so you don’t miss a single thing.


We’ll create an operational ecosystem that seamlessly connects and optimises every single element of your business.


We’ll implement the operational solution with amazing people, platforms that are the right fit, documented processes and high-performance cultural practices

Take Back The Power of Your Business

It’s time to reclaim your life and business while stepping into the CEO mindset. 

To give yourself the freedom that comes with flexibility and security, allowing you to put your focus where it counts.

How we get your business operating at a higher level:

High Touch

Your dedicated OBM will get involved at a deeper level of your business and get hands-on with every aspect of your operations.

High Energy

Your OBM will bring the positivity and support to guide you and your team through ups and downs while maintaining momentum.

High Frequency

Expect nothing but the best from me and my team of exceptional OBMs. I believe in a no-compromise, benchmark experience.

High Impact

We understand that you want your business to have an impact. Your results and the results of your clients mean everything to us.

“Katie is one of my favourite people on this earth! I have had Katie as my OBM for over 6 months and my business has been on this continued trajectory of growth with Katie supporting it each step of the way. What I love about Katie is how she isn’t phased when things adapt, she can juggle several things on the go and if I want changes she is more then happy to make what I need happen. She has saved me money, made my business more efficient and strengthened my brand so I continue to grow to an international audience. I am super proud to have Katie as part of The Breath Effect Team and can’t wait to see how she continues to support me over the future.”

Emma Ferris, Physiotherapist & Breathing Coach

Take ownership of your business.

Stand in your true power.

This is the turning point.

Now is the time to fully own your purpose and set your business on the path toward its full potential.