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Ready to earn what you deserve while working with your ideal client?

It’s time to step into your power, own your true potential and earn what you deserve while supporting your clients to THRIVE. 

Become part of the Australian OBM Institute   → A high touch program created for YOU…  

    The Australian OBM Institute is more than just a course… It’s a true community and sisterhood. It’s a place where you can come to ask advice, create, inspire and support each other… It’s a place of space.


    It is also  where you will get the support, resources, and mindset training you need to become an in demand business manager… the most important hire in your ideal clients business.

    The program includes a combination of selfpaced online learning, live group coaching sessions, and interactive discussions to help you develop skills in strategic planning, project management, team management, launch management, and metrics management. Youll also learn about the different aspects of running an OBM business such as setting up client agreements, optimizing processes, pricing and marketing, and much more. At the end of the program, youll be armed with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to start working with dream clients and building a successful OBM business.

      After being a VA for years, you know the ropes of business.

      Day in and day out you work to implement marketing campaigns, business strategies, and social media launches.
      Your job is to help other businesses reach their audience and grow every facet of their business.
      You know how to take a business to the next level because you’ve personally done it countless times. 



      The online business industry is exploding and with rapid growth, it’s necessary for business owners to implement efficient systems and processes built on strategic plans.



      It’s time to put all that experience and knowledge into your own business.

      I’ve been where you are. Frustrated, overworked, and pulled in every direction by 20+ clients who all expect too much.
      You know there is more. That you can give more while receiving the pay and appreciation you deserve for all the work you do.

      Because let’s be honest, you do a lot. You create calm in the chaos of struggling businesses.
      Finding their key points of difference and showing them how to thrive is what you love to do.
      That skill is invaluable, yet is so often underappreciated.



      But its not just for the shit-hot VA…


      … You are the Sassy Online Professionial 

      You have unique skills and are ready to take it up a notch. You may be the designer, the copywriter, the course creator, the 9-5 slayer with the side hustle ready to be birthed or the OBM ready for the next level. You know there is more! You are ready for more and it’s time!


      You want to be recognised for your talents and skills

      You just need that kick start

      You know you can do it, but just not sure how or where to start





      It’s time to start earning what you’re truly worth. 

      To stop hustling for every dollar, stop taking on way too many clients, and start helping a handful of your ideal clients transform their businesses into well-oiled machines.



      (Hint – a FREE Human Design Reading, SOP Vault, 1:1 Strategy Call with Katie and a heap of useful templates)

        The Australian OBM Institute is more than your stock-standard OBM course. Sure, we’ll cover the basic systems and processes that every OBM needs to know, but we’ll also go deeper than that. 

        I will train you on my people and process model… That I have used with hundreds of my clients assisting them to go from 6-7 figures with ease.

        You’ll learn unique frameworks, systems, and strategies that I use to support my clients. These resources have allowed me to build the dream business I was meant for. We’ll run through every challenge you’re likely to face, all the most common setbacks, and how to overcome them. 

        Through real-life examples and mindset training, you’ll come to understand exactly how valuable your skillset is and how you can expand it to become the answer to any business owner’s problems.

        That plus support from myself and a community of OBMs will see you through any future OBM obstacle that comes your way.

          Over the 6 months  you will have support for ALL aspects of business! Not just the ‘how to’.
          Where I see most people struggle is with the mindset and the sales. 

          My guess is..

          YOU know damn well what to do…
          but just have no damn idea how to bring it all together in one irresistible package for your client… am I right?

          In this HIGH TOUCH container you get:

          Oh and did I mention the most EPIC next level badass guest expert calls you could dream of! I’m talkin’ serious, blow ya mind… I need to know how she does that kinda call.


          All this for just $4997 AUD


          • MODULE 1 - WELCOME

            We’ll start slow and comfortable with an easy welcome module. Here you’ll learn exactly what to expect throughout the course, what to expect in general as an OBM, and how to reach out to both me and your OBM support network as the course progresses.

          • MODULE 2 - OBM Foundations

            Let’s get down to the hard facts. Module 2 is all about the fundamentals that every OBM needs to know. We’ll cover the foundations of an online business, different business models, and how to align yourself with the right clients.

          • MODULE 3 - Mindset

            This module is what will truly set your business up for success. Discover how to master your mindset, set the appropriate boundaries, know your strengths and weaknesses, and design your business to work specifically for you.

          • MODULE 4 - Project Management

            Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s do the actual job. Module 4 walks you through the day to day tasks you will need to perform in your business. We’ll cover the arts of delegation and automation as well as essential systems and processes.

          • MODULE 5 - Team Management

            As an OBM, you won't get far without a solid team behind you. This module teaches you the ins and outs of hiring, managing morale, training, leadership, and general team management. As a bonus, we’ll also dive into how to handle difficult team members.

          • MODULE 6 - Client Management

            Managing your clients is half the battle. Module 6 breaks down the essentials in client management. We’ll cover how to effectively communicate with your clients, set up realistic expectations, establish boundaries, and plan ahead.

          • MODULE 7 - Business Growth

            Let’s get down to the hard facts. Module 2 is all about the fundamentals that every OBM needs to know. We’ll cover the foundations of an online business, different business models, and how to align yourself with the right clients.Above all, your clients will want to see growth as a result of hiring you. Module 7 works through the tried and true methods toward business growth. We’ll also discuss tracking growth in a way that is easily demonstrated to your clients.

          • BONUS MODULE - Setting Up Your Business

            New to the OBM game? This bonus module has been developed just for you. Discover how to set up a reputable and functioning business, set your prices, build client relationships, and establish yourself as a trusted OBM moving forward.

            Katie headshot

            Hey I'm Katie,

            I hear you. We all know the term OBM is thrown around, and it can all get very confusing at times, and that is exactly why I created the the Australian OBM Institute . It’s a hybrid of a mastermind and a course.

            Basically you get the best of both worlds. It’s a place where us OBM’s in Australia and NZ to come together, to support, encourage and love one another. A place where we share ideas, nut out problems and vent 😉

            I am a strong believer that there is enough for everyone in this world, and being able to support my fellow kick ass OBM’s to step into their power is what really lights me up.

                   The fun stuff:


            • I am Projector 2/4 in Human design, I was born to guide people. ( I am also a certified human design reader)
            • I am a Pisces or in Vedic Astrology I am Aquarius
            • My dosha is Vata/Pitta
            • Clifton strengths you will find in me: Positivity, Empathy, Achiever, Futuristic, Strategic
            • I am an ENFJ-A / ENFJ-T
            • My DISC: You are socially oriented
            • I am an Enneagram 7:
              wide-eyed and filled to the brim with endless energy, enthusiasts are the playful and busy optimists of the world.

            I am here to make things happen!