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What is an OBM

An Online Business Manager is not just another variation of a virtual assistant performing administrative style tasks.   An Online Business Manager...

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Why You Need a Mentor

There’s one thing uber-successful people all have in common...mentors. And not just one. When it comes to our careers and work life, everyone needs support...

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Why You Need a Routine

For many people, even the word routine freaks them out. It can feel like you’re back at school and following a set regime that leaves no time for creativity,...

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Your Part Time PA Blog

Hi, I’m Katie
With a background in business development, marketing, event management, customer service and recruitment I can help you:

  • Organise and manage your business
  • Market your company for growth
  • Give you the time off you need
  • Take away your stress

As your OBM, I’m determined to help your business succeed and grow.

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