Reignite your passion and fall back in love with your business.

Welcome to the Mastermind that delivers on the promise you actually want.

A business you love and support that hears, sees, and guides you well beyond the first weeks.

    Leaving a high-end mastermind halfway through this year (and yes, I paid in full), I never want that experience to happen to another entrepreneur.

    You invest everything – your heart, your trust, your excitement, and of course your finances – into this experience. It delivers… for the first couple of weeks… then nothing.


    You are left feeling ‘sold’ to. Empty promises lured you into a stock standard program that doesn’t understand you or your business. You end up with more questions than answers, a new layer of overwhelm, and the nagging feeling that there must be something wrong with you – otherwise, it would have worked… right?


    Absolutely WRONG! This cycle isn’t your fault. You don’t need a paint-by-numbers approach to success.

    You need to be understood, to be seen by who will be on the journey with you.

    Step into a container that will hold you, both on an energetic level as well as a business level.

    It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed, going round in cirlces feeling lost and exhausted. Evolution will help you find your truth and be the CEO of an aligned business that is TRUE to you.

    You will have the support, the love and the guidance of not only me, but experts in their field who are leading the way, breaking through and genunially care.

    You will not be another number, another testimonial for a sales page… You will be fully seen.

    Evolution is the perfect fit for you if you are:

    • Ready to embrace your spirituality and internal growth
    • Someone that understands the importance of an aligned strategy, that makes you warm and fuzzy inside and it’s just so ‘you’
    • Ready to have time and space and willing to let go of micro control
    • Wanting to systemise and streamline without making things complicated AF
    • Ready to discover and uncover the true depths of yourself and your business
    • Energised and ready to go
    • Ok with tough love and hearing ‘no’ (it’s not all rainbows and butterflies)
    • Ready to actually turn up and invest… you are not a serial masterminder – we want you and all of you!
    • Ready to empower and lead

    Evolution is NOT for you if you are:

    • An entrepreneur who wants the easy way
    • Looking for a one size fits all solution – we DO NOT offer that. Everything we do is for the individual
    • Just starting out in business, we love you, but to be in this space you will need to have some skin in the game
    • Not prepared to go all in. This is a non-neg. Show up or leave
    • Someone who sits in the negative and self-doubt – own it, clear it and move on! There is no room a for self-pity party here!
    • Someone who wants it all done for them – we want you to have an emotional and mental investment in your work… that’s how you leave a legacy

    It’s time to work with both the masculine and the feminine, let’s face it → You need both in life.

    If you are intuitively feeling drawn to these infused words please connect.

    I am not in it for the numbers. If we do not connect on a soul, respect, and business level I will say no.

    I do this to protect the energetics and the emotions inside the group. 

    These badass peeps are my peeps – and there will be some Mumma bear protection going on.

      Evolution is a place where you will:

      • Be heard, and most importantly, understood.

      • Feel held by like-minded entrepreneurs who embrace you as you are.

      • Experience true, valuable interaction that reaches below the surface.

      • Establish real connections that will enrich your life as well as your work.

      • Access individual strategy created with you in mind.

      This isn’t your typical mastermind.

      There will be no automated posts on the Facebook group that don’t actually say anything.

      No group calls where you have 10 minutes – if you’re lucky – to say your piece and hope you’ll be heard. 

      You won’t feel like just another number.

      Evolution is a space where you won’t just know your leaders, but they’ll know you. Not just your name and your business, but who you are, how you work best, and what you have to offer.


      You are exactly what your clients need, exactly the way you are.

      We’ll work together to amplify this, expand your greatness and give you the confidence to believe in yourself and your magic.

      Ready to expand your greatness?

      As a leader, it’s my job to make you feel: held, heard, loved, supported, listened to, guided and activated.

      As a leader it is my job to provide: advice, strategy, clear direction and the support you need to find YOUR way.

      This isn’t a place for me to ‘push’ my ways onto you.

      What works for me or others may not work for you.

      We all have our unique way of doing things.

      As a projector I will guide you, support you and help you unlock your hidden talents, and do it in a way that is aligned with who you are.

      Hey I'm Katie,

      I see through the bullshit.

      I see your greatness.

      I see you.


      Yes, I’m a shit-hot OBM with killer strategy – but my zone of genius goes deeper than that. I’m not here to hand you a cookie-cutter business plan that may or may not boost your profits. I’m here to connect with you and discover what you want, what your business needs, and what success looks like to you. 


      I lead my business and connect with my clients guided by human design, astrology, energy, and intuition. Together, these tools help me to communicate with you and see the bigger picture of your business. Everyone is driven by different things and everyone connects differently. I’m here to get the most out of you by discovering what inspires you and how to connect on your level. 


      Sure, we can take you to seven figures with ease – if that’s in alignment with your goals – but that’s not my true north. My guiding mission is to help you transform your business into one that you love. 


        The EVOLUTION Mastermind will commence in February 2023.

        This isn’t an aimless community that continues to tick over without adding any real value to your life.

        During your time with us the team and I will help you make meaningful strides toward your goals and leave you with the tools you need to continue the journey.

        Spirit: Finding your true identity

        This month is about mindset. By connecting with yourself, we’ll discover what your goals are and how they align with your values and beliefs.

        We will really focus on you… what makes you tick and what you are here to provide to the world.  We will reignite your passion and light your fire.

        Guest experts will take you on a spiritual journey and take you deep within.


        Strategy & Insight

        Once we know what your true goal is, we’ll help you map a path toward it.

        During this phase we dedicate ourselves to strategic planning, creating an action plan toward growth that’s in alignment with your strengths.

        This will work with both the masculine and feminine energies to rebirth and bring alive your vision. It’s the time when you stop feeling lost, and start to be re-energised and ready to freakin GO!


        Integration & Knowledge

        A clear goal and a road map aren’t enough to take you anywhere.

        Now it’s time to hit GO and implement the strategy we have developed, creating the systems and workflows that will support you toward your goal.

        It’s all about integrating the knowledge, the changes and the growth and hitting the gas.

        Scale, Authority & Leadership

        Now it’s time for you to show the world who you really are. 

        It’s time to truly believe and back who you are. Stand behind your TRUE identity as a freaking kick ass business owner.

        You have the knowledge, you have the power and most importantly you have the support, the strength and the belief.

        It is time for you to OWN IT.

        Me and the team are here, your biggest cheerleaders along with the other fucking EPIC entrepreneurs in the group.

        No excuses.


        We won’t leave you out in the cold! This month is all about you and ensuring you receive proper support & integration.

        We are committed to working with you to implement everything you learn over the 4 months, so you feel confident with your strategy and goals, moving forward with your business.

        Throughout the four months of EVOLUTION Mastermind, you can expect:

        ( please note this is an ongoing monthly commitment with a minimum 4 months agreement. Then the agreement is month – month. I do not believe in lock in contracts, but you do need to give the program time)

        • 2 LIVE group calls with me per month

        • 1 Expert Call per month
          co-working sessions.

        • Access to my team of digital marketing experts.

        • A dedicated slack channel

        • Workbooks.

        • Valuable resources.

        • Templates for Click Up, Asana, Launch Strategies, Job Descriptions & more.

        • A Facebook group for questions, community, and support.


        Want to maximise your growth & support?


        Sign up for VIP Access to receive everything in the earlybird:
        • A bonus 1:1 call with any team member, worth $997
        • A bonus 1:1 call with me, worth $1500
        • SOP templates, worth $2000
        • Asana templates, worth $1500
        • FREE Access to Katie’s Soulful Sales Course
        • Job descriptions, worth $197…and more!


        • Monthly one-on-one consultations
        • One-on-one access to my team of OBMs and digital marketing experts
        • One-on-one call with Katie’s energy healer
        • 1 x 90 Day Planning Session

        Book early for earlybird rates & bonus consultations

        On top of saving $500+, all Early Bird members will receive:
        • A bonus 1:1 call with any team member, worth $997
        • A bonus 1:1 call with me, worth $1500
        • SOP templates, worth $2000
        • Asana templates, worth $1500
        • FREE Access to Katie’s Soulful Sales Course
        • Job descriptions, worth $197…and more!

        Reconnect with your strengths and gain access to the support you need.

        What’s a Projector?

        In human design, it’s somebody who has the inherent ability to understand others. I can help you read and manage your energy to ensure you’re using the resources you have – your energies, gifts, and talents – effectively and efficiently.

        I will not be teaching you the latest sales fads, ways of manipulation, or fake connections.

        I will be teaching you to honour you. To tell your story, and connect in your way.

        This is a safe space for you to feel truly heard. A seat at the table.

        In return, I ask you to put in the work, take in the feedback, and action it.

        Understand that sometimes you need to hear a no, in order to birth something more aligned.

        You need to look deep into yourself and work through any uncomfortable feelings.

        To truly grow in alignment, you need to do the inner and the outer work.


        • A bonus 1:1 call with any team member, worth $997
        • A bonus 1:1 call with me, worth $1500
        • SOP templates, worth $2000
        • Asana templates, worth $1500
        • FREE access to Katie Soulful Sales course
        • Job descriptions, worth $197...and more!
        • Monthly one-on-one consultations
        • One-on-one access to my team of OBMs and digital marketing experts.
        • One-on-one call with Katie's energy healer
        • 1 x 90 Day Planning Session


        • A bonus 1:1 call with any team member, worth $997
        • A bonus 1:1 call with me, worth $1500
        • SOP templates, worth $2000
        • Asana templates, worth $1500
        • FREE access to Katie's Soulful Sales course
        • Job descriptions, worth $197...and more!