How To Avoid Burn Out With One Simple Word! - Katie Kirsopp

Anyone else wish they had 10 clones of themselves who all have 3 brains and 8 arms? Sure it would look kind of freaky but you’d probably be able to get on top of all of the tasks you have to get done without fearing the dreaded word…BURN OUT *shrieks* Yep! I said the phrase that shan’t be named, but it’s just a reality.

As much as we want to tell ourselves we simply can’t do it all…or we can and it will just take a really long time to achieve the goals. That simply isn’t good enough for us. We are entrepreneurs, we’d rather eat dirt than slow down so what is the solution?


The word that sounds like a symphony to my ears. Delegating will save you from reaching the peak of mental and emotional exhaustion. There is a task that I love to do actually and it is quite simple. By the end of it you will feel a lot less confused on what exactly should be delegated.

Use a piece of paper or a whiteboard and write down EVERY task that you get up to in your business…and I mean every single task no matter how small or menial it is. 

Then on a separate sheet create two headings:

  • Tasks that serve you
  • Tasks that don’t 

This narrows down what you can totally scrap out of your process and the tasks to focus on. Then create three headings:

  • Delegate
  • Bulk
  • Automate

With these you can specify how to work smarter on each task.

How To Avoid Burn Out With One Simple Word!

Still wondering which ones to delegate ask yourselves these questions:

  • Which ones are time consuming and yet not converting into dollars?
  • What tasks aren’t your zone of genius?
  • Can someone be easily shown how to do this task?
  • Is this task getting in the way of you engaging and getting more leads?
  • If you gave this task to someone else, how would you use the time to benefit your business?

It’s understandable that you need to be in a financial position to outsource but if you are THAT busy that you don’t even have a second to think, you feel like you are dropping the ball with your work or client work, or there is 0 balance in your life- think about the smarter way to work and that is through delegation. Delegate the tasks that aren’t billable even, so that you have more time to gain more billable hours. It’s a win win!

But Katie…I’m a perfectionist and I don’t trust anyone to do my work for me. Well chick that is a battle you will have to face. It sure beats being run down to the point that you can’t work or you are running around like a headless chook that the process of hiring would overwhelm you even more. There are ways to get around this as each and every one of us are proud of what we’ve built by ourselves. Our businesses are our babies but in order to support your baby you need to let people in…like the saying! It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a team to make a business grow into a scalable and flourishing entity!

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