I Rate Routines, and Here Is Why! - Katie Kirsopp

There is a reason why there are 350,000,000 search results when you type in “My Morning Routine 2020” into Google.  It’s because these people know how important it is to have a routine, whether that be morning, night, in the middle of the day, when you need a pick me up…whatever it may be!

All of these people have built:

  • Structure
  • A set up for success
  • A uniform persay
  • An on/off switch


My nights tend to change up a bit…go figure when you have children but my mornings always start the same. It is like putting on a uniform, you are getting ready for work. 

When you wake up make sure that you do the same things, in the same order to make sure that you condition your mind for focus and goal kicking success!

Routines help build structure in your life that is otherwise pretty much up in the air. Life can still throw you a curve ball but you can rely on your routine to get you back into the mindset that you need to be in to achieve your goals.

I Rate Routines, and Here Is Why!

Think of it as building blocks, each task is something that helps towards being ready and present whether that be writing your morning pages, going for a run with the dog or just making that cup of Joe that you need to kick start your day in the right direction.

I had mentioned that people have routines for when they “fall off the wagon” or having a bad day, I rate this so much. Think about it, imagine being able to switch the negative off and instantly be motivated to get back on track. Well this switch is a routine that is full proof. It obviously will take a few trials but observe what makes you feel good, and what you need to do in order to feel like you can tackle anything.

Routines sound monotonous to some…but do not mistake it for boring. Think of it as freeing. You press the on button and Wallah! Without any concentration, doubts or setbacks you are on auto pilot mode to kick starting your day on the right foot! It’s great when you don’t have to constantly think of what to do next. You’ve done the hard work already by knowing what works for you.

Everyone’s routine will be different, so if journaling in the morning doesn’t fit into your schedule because you also have to get the kids ready for school then don’t do it. Instead, think about tasks you can do to make sure you can tackle the day no matter what it brings you.

If you have a routine, feel free to share it in the comments because I would LOVE to know!

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