If You Don't Believe In Yourself...Who Will? - Katie Kirsopp

Hands up if you have ever been your very own worst critic? If your hand isn’t up then you’re just lying to yourself. 

Everyone is their worst critic, they criticise over the tiniest of things, they implicate themselves, they manipulate a situation to take all of the blame…welcome to being an entrepreneur! I don’t blame you. You have created this baby- a wonderful concept that you are bringing to life. The idea sparked out of nowhere but all you knew is that you needed to pursue it. You needed to bring it out to the world- they needed to have this service, product, plan at their disposal!

Then…*crickets*…well not exactly. You’ve celebrated some wins but when it all doesn’t go the way you had perceived you get down in the dumps. You start to doubt yourself, you are scrolling endlessly on social media and seeing everyone else succeeding far better than you…or that is what they have shown you. 

Well let me ask you this. How on earth will someone believe in your service, product or plan if you don’t believe in it yourself. You don’t realise that believing in yourself, investing in yourself and really going after your dream does filter through the message you put out into this big wide world. People can sift out the people that are unsure and those that are super confident.

It’s okay to be unsure, it’s okay not to have it all together and know exactly where everything is heading but you need to do that with confidence. You need to think, “Okay…I don’t have all of the pieces yet, but they will definitely fall into place.” Make it happen. People love to see that ethic, entrepreneurs who struggle but yet come out of it unscathed. If anything be candid about it. It will make you relatable to your audience that behind this facade you are a human, this isn’t just a business but your dream to help……fill in the blank.

If You Don’t Believe In Yourself…Who Will?

Remember when you started? Remember the butterflies, the excitement that was bubbling under the surface? Remember having to tell someone, anyone that would listen about what you were going to do? You believed in yourself then. Harness that person, just because you are struggling at the moment and people may be putting your idea down doesn’t mean you can’t push through. Family and friends who aren’t supportive will quickly jump on board once they see it all coming together…trust me. Use them, use the doubt as fuel to succeed!

Next time those doubts start creeping in remind yourself of these five things:

  • Your WHY- why did you start this journey? 
  • The day you started, harness his or her vigor!
  • Keep moving forward. Even if it is a baby step, if you are seeing progress it is easier to believe that you are doing a good job
  • Know your analytics. If something isn’t work, instead of keeping on the beaten track- change it up
  • Not everyone picks this route of life. Being an entrepreneur is hard, it takes courage and a hell of a lot of persistence. You’re strong. You can do this!

So my next question to you is: What are you going to do next?

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