Is an OBM just a glorified VA? - Katie Kirsopp

Let’s be honest there are so many terms floating around on the internet like people are creating a new title as it pops in their head: Marketing specialists, Branding strategist, Personal Concierge, Virtual Assistant, Graphics Coordinator and then there is me the OBM. But I will be the first to say it…we need them all at some point in time, they are all valid and all-important to the success of any given project.

In saying that, I’m going to break it down for you today and just tackle the most common misconception in my industry. 

Isn’t an OBM just a glorified VA?

No hate on the VA’s in the world- without you I wouldn’t be able to help my clients the way I do. But the simple answer is no. OBMs are an Online Business Manager that takes the place of a COO or the Operations Manager. We oversee projects, systems, business metrics, and the people! Basically I liase between the CEO of the business and the contractors.

I make sure things are done on time and that they are done right. Preempting the bumps that we may encounter and creating a seamless and smooth workflow instead. My job is to manage the projects from conception to execution and hiring the right team to help me do that. That is where the Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers and Marketing Specialists come into play.

I am not a coach. The CEO already has one of those and they take care of the vision, strategy and mindset of the business making sure it fits in with the company’s values and the overall picture. 

Is an OBM just a glorified VA?

Shouldn’t I save the money and just do it myself? 

There are some businesses that are money conscious and honestly, that is some good sense to have. I like working with these businesses because they meticulously know where the money goes and makes sure it is pumping the right areas at that current point in time. 

But this can become a bit too much for someone running the business: hiring and managing employees, making sure every facet of the business is running as efficiently as possible, taking care of finances, customer service, and marketing….Wooooooah it’s A LOT! And I was only scratching the surface.

Think of it this way, investing in an asset who oversees all systems will give you more return in the long run. When you are juggling too many balls, you will end up dropping one….maybe even two or three, and that can cause you more financial stress having to pick them back up.

Handing the operations side of the business to a specialist allows you to concentrate on how to achieve your future milestones. It gives you extra time to focus on the areas that you’ve put on the back burner. To calibrate new systems and create new campaign ideas. It gives you the time to really delve deep and think where can your business lead too? Where do you want to be in 5 years time? How do we achieve this? While you are focused on this, your business can grow exponentially because the OBM won’t have to knock back clients but help you expand your business to new levels. And just quietly we both know how hard it is to do all of the above when you are also solely looking after a team and their enquiries. 

That is my promise as a certified OBM.

What is the difference between a Certified OBM and one that is not?

By taking an accredited program, the certified OBM has shown you that they are willing to commit to something until the end. Invest their time, money and focus into developing themselves so that they can help develop you at their highest performance.

In order to be accredited, they had to work on real projects. This shows that they have experience behind them. The certification assures that their work was of the highest regard. It is reassuring that you’re putting your company that was probably your baby at one point in the hands of a professional.

Did you know that certified OBMs have to even take a pledge? This may be overlooked by some, but a pledge is a statement- it is a promise to their future clients that they will work as hard in their business as if it were their own. It is a serious commitment

It’s my commitment to you. If you’re drowning in your business, if you aren’t seeing the revenue that you dreamed of and if you’re juggling more balls than a circus act- invest in your business and allow someone to help you reach those milestones that inspired you to start all of this!

Remember your why and feel free to contact me and we can continue this conversation.

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