My Top Five Project Management Systems - Katie Kirsopp

Anyone else mind boggled about what project management system they should use? It seems like there is another one being launched every day and they all sound like they roughly do the same thing. 

Fed up? Don’t have the time to research? Check this out busy boss babes, I have your back!

I have pulled together my top five project management systems and have broken them down for your convenience.

You’d be right when you say that most of these look the same. Most of the below are card/task based boards where you can change the view from calendar, to list to board. Most of them have a function where you set a deadline for the tasks and tag your team members to communicate what needs to be done. I would say that each are user friendly and once you know what unique functions each have you’d be able to utilise them in the best way possible.

My Top Five Project Management Systems

Let’s take a look shall we?

Asana- the mock To-Doist

  • Communicate directly through teams 
  • Conversation view which acts like Messenger to keep all communications in one place.
  • Multiple Boards/Portfolios/Teams
  • Super for collaborating with your team.

Trello- the Logistics Organiser

  • Trello is on its A Game when it comes to mapping out workflows or business systems.
  • Acts like a step by step action plan when used correctly. 
  • You can communicate with your team members by tagging them into the comments.
  • Can create a progress meter via a checklist function within the cards
  • Create template checklists/ template subtasks to user over and over again.

Click Up- Asana’s Advanced Sibling

  • Tracks time
  • Acts like a workplace dashboard
  • Can see a projects overall progress
  • A larger variety of data points that can be inputted
  • More of a system rather than an organised to do list
  • Embed templates from Typeform, Google docs and Airtable
  • Goals tab is the real MVP: Create a target and track tasks progress automatically

Teamwork- The Goalsetter

  • Create milestones and add tasks towards those
  • Time tracking feature which can track the tasks progress rather than the overall project
  • Huge variety of connections: Zapier, Google Drive, Sharepoint, and One Drive to name a couple
  • Can upload files straight to Teamwork

Airtable- The Scheduling Queen

  • Best friends with Slack
  • A database in the form of spreadsheets rather than cards or tasks
  • Can store PDF and JPEG files
  • Inbuilt templates such as: content calendar, product catalog, digital video production, market campaign tracking and event planning.
  • Great for building portfolios


What is great about each of these is that you can test them out by creating a free account. If you want some advanced options there you would have to upgrade. Just by viewing the below, you can see that ClickUp is cheaper than Asana but Airtable and Teamwork have more options of paid plans to suit any of your needs.

Would love to hear what project management system you are using at the moment?

Is it helping your systems become more seamless?

If not, maybe check some of these out!

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