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We know your business isn’t just a venture; it’s a piece of your soul. Handing over even a fragment of it feels like a monumental risk.

Can someone else truly understand your vision? 


But here’s a revelation: the right partnership can elevate your business in ways you’ve never imagined.

Our expertise is crafting robust, lasting businesses by streamlining chaos and lightening your load, giving you back control.


Katie Kirsopp isn’t merely support—it’s a transformative force.


Your business’s yearning has met its match with us, the sought-after unicorn in a world of horses.


Our method? Holistically tailored, geared towards your distinct needs.


Already boast a team? Kudos, dynamo! We’re not here to rewrite your story, but to enhance its chapters. We amplify strengths, optimize systems, and help every member of your squad gleam in their genius realm.


It’s not about patching; it’s about propelling forward.


Step into the next-gen of business support.


At Katie Kirsopp, we’re not just redefining the OBM industry; we’re revolutionizing it.

Welcome to Katie Kirsopp’s revolution.

How does an OBM support a business owner?

Operational Efficiency: OBMs bring order to your processes. They can set up and manage systems for email marketing, client onboarding, content management, and more.

Team Management: They can handle team-related responsibilities such as hiring, training, assigning tasks, and ensuring that deadlines are met. This takes the stress off the business owner, who might not have the time or skills to manage a team effectively.

Project Management: OBMs can oversee projects from inception to completion, ensuring they’re executed effectively and on time.

Financial Oversight: While they’re not typically accountants, OBMs can monitor revenue streams, manage expenses, and ensure that the business is on a healthy financial track.

Strategy Implementation: While business owners can come up with strategies, OBMs can help in breaking them down into actionable steps and ensuring they are implemented effectively.

Focus on Growth: With an OBM managing the day-to-day, the business owner can shift their focus to scaling the business, networking, product development, or exploring new market opportunities.

People on Purpose Playbook

We’re intentional about the human side of business, supporting entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose. This human-centred approach allows us to powerfully align people and operations.


You can have the perfect systems.

You can have amazing people.


True success lies in bringing these two business essentials together, working in sync to create flawless processes that are powered by people.

Transform Your Business with Our Expert Online Business Managers

Why choose us?

Step into a world where business management is not just efficient but also innovative and impactful. Team Katie Kirsopp’s OBM Retainer Services offers a unique blend of expertise and personalized care, ensuring your business not only grows but thrives.

Our Promise to You…


You will get time back, the overwhelm will fade and you will rise into the true leader you are

Key Benefits

  • Personalized OBM Matchmaking:
    Get paired with an OBM who’s perfectly aligned with your business needs through our ‘People on Purpose’ model.

  • All-in-One Expert Team: Your dedicated OBM provides access to a full spectrum of digital experts, from tech specialists to creative professionals.

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions with Katie Kirsopp: Gain valuable insights and guidance from Katie herself in your monthly business check-ins.

  • Comprehensive and Customized Services: From system overhauls to new system implementations, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Our Services

  • System Overhauls: Streamline your operations for maximum efficiency.

  • Team Restructuring: Optimize your team’s structure to better align with your business objectives.

  • New System Builds with SOPs: Implement new systems effectively, supported by detailed SOPs.

  • Day-to-Day Management: Let us handle the daily operational complexities, so you can focus on your vision and growth.

  • Project Management Ownership: We take full ownership of project management – you can count on us to run it all smoothly.

  • Attention to Detail: Rest assured, you only get to see the final, polished output. Our focus on detail ensures flawless execution.

  • Honest Feedback: Expect transparent and honest feedback that aids in your business’s growth and development.

Why We Stand Out

  • Tailored Solutions: Each client receives focused, personalized attention from their dedicated OBM.

  • Diverse Expertise: Our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your business needs.

  • Direct Engagement with Katie Kirsopp: Benefit from Katie’s vast experience and insights for your business strategy.

Ideal For: Business leaders who value efficiency, expertise, and a personalized approach.


Our service is designed for those who want to elevate their business without getting bogged down in day-to-day management.

Take The Next Step:

Embrace the future of business management with Team Katie Kirsopp.

Contact us to find your ideal OBM partner and embark on a journey of seamless, efficient, and innovative business management.

Elevate, Innovate, and Dominate with Team Katie Kirsopp.

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