Human Design Certified

Need a high level, experienced professional who can help you create strategy, ask you the right questions, and give you time-tested frameworks to make CONFIDENT strategic decisions about your business, teams and systems?

Hey, I'm Katie

your CEO sidekick.

I see your greatness.
I see you.

Need a high level, experienced professional who can help you create strategy, ask you the right questions, and give you time-tested frameworks to make CONFIDENT strategic decisions about your business, teams and systems?

Hey, I'm Katie

your CEO sidekick.

I see through the bullshit.
I see your greatness.
I see you.

Yes, I’m an OBM with killer strategy – but my zone of genius goes deeper than that. I’m not here to hand you a cookie cutter business plan that may or may not boost your profits. I’m here to connect with you and discover what you want, what your business needs, and what success looks like to you. 

I lead my business and connect with my clients guided by human design, astrology, energy, and intuition. Together, these tools help me to communicate with you and see the bigger picture of your business. 

Everyone is driven by different things and everyone connects differently. I’m here to get the most out of you by discovering what inspires you and how to connect on your level. 

Sure, we can take you to seven figures with ease – if that’s in alignment with your goals – 

but that’s not my true north. 

My guiding mission is to help you transform your business into one that you love. 

How We Got Here

For years I’ve been helping business owners just like you take their businesses to the next level. Having worked with some of Australia’s and the UK’s leading businesses, I have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

I started my online business journey as a virtual assistant. Being organised, getting business owners on track, and keeping them accountable has always been my superpower. After managing dozens of business operations and client communications, I discovered that I had more to offer.

After completing my Certified OBM Training from the OBM Leadership Academy, I became the person who could get your business back on track. With my experience and specialised expertise, I’ve supported businesses by streamlining their processes and connecting them with the team they needed.

Through this work, I discovered that the best way to help business owners achieve their goals is to align their strategy with who they are as a person and their unique view of success. That’s when I discovered that I am a projector in Human Design.

From that moment, I embraced everything that Human Design, energy healing, astrology, and all other forms of spiritual guidance could teach me.

Now, I have my own team of successful OBMs who are ready to help you realise and achieve your business goals – bringing your vision to life in an aligned way. I work with high-level, high-functioning CEOs to truly dial into their vision and execute it in alignment with their company values. 

Working With Me

Working with me and my team looks a little different to other OBMs.

First, this isn’t a transaction where you shoulder all of the responsibility. We become a community, working together to achieve your business goals.

It starts with pairing you with one of my shit-hot OBMs. They will take the time to go through every aspect of your business and redesign it to suit you. Your expert OBM will find the gaps and fill them with high-quality strategy that is designed to work to your strengths and pave the way toward your vision of success.

The way I see it, it’s our job to help you trust and follow your intuition while implementing profitable business strategies along the way. Work with me and my team of insanely talented business gurus to become aligned and fall in love with your business. 

People on Purpose

We’re more than operations.
Anyone can do the process, although we do it bloody well.
We’re powered by people. That’s the difference.
Process perfection made powerful by people!

People on Purpose Playbook

We’re intentional about the human side of business, supporting entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose. This human-centred approach allows us to powerfully align people and operations.

You can have the perfect systems.

You can have amazing people.

True success lies in bringing these two business essentials together, working in sync to create flawless processes that are powered by people.

“Katie has the breadth of knowledge that is rare in this space, that you only get when having earned your stripes by building your own successful online business. We brought Katie into our team for a product launch that we decided to pull together very quickly. It was a complex launch with many moving parts and a detailed affiliate program managing 70 affiliates. She was a great communicator and project manager who was never afraid to offer suggestions to improve processes and systems. I can’t recommend Katie enough. An absolute gem in the online space.”

Melissa Ambrosini

Why work with a Certified OBM & High-Level Operations Strategist?



Identify all operational opportunites in your business so you don’t miss a single thing



Create an operational eco-system that seamlessly connects and optimises every single element and builds the dream team



Implement the operational solution with the amazing people and platforms that are the right fit, documented processes and high performance cultural practices

Where to from here?


Consistent impact, influence and income


Proactive people that you can rely on


Taking your strategy through to results


Be the go to person in your chosen niche


We’ll identify all the operational opportunities in your business so you don’t miss a single thing.


We’ll create an operational ecosystem that seamlessly connects and optimises every single element of your business.


We’ll implement the operational solution with amazing people, platforms that are the right fit, documented processes and high-performance cultural practices

Take Back The Power of Your Business

It’s time to reclaim your life and business while stepping into the CEO mindset. 

To give yourself the freedom that comes with flexibility and security, allowing you to put your focus where it counts.

How we get your business operating at a higher level:

High Touch

I get involved at a deeper level of your business and get hands-on with every aspect of your operations.

High Energy

I’ll bring the positivity and support to guide you and your team through the ups and downs while maintaining momentum.

High Frequency

Expect nothing but the best from me. I believe in a no-compromise, benchmark experience.

High Impact

I understand that you want to have an impact through your business. Your results and the results of your clients mean everything to me.

I’ve raved about Katie to family, friends, and colleagues.
I increased rates, dropped outdated packages, and implemented new options that made much more fiscal sense. AND I signed three new clients in one week!

Cindy, Executive VA
Melbourne, Australia

Take ownership of your business.

Stand in your true power.

This is the turning point.

Now is the time to fully own your purpose and set your business on the path toward its full potential.