Online Team Management

Are you sick of chasing up deadlines from your staff?

Managing people, projects, and tasks is not your zone of genius.

 You should be in visionary mode, making big plans and bigger moves to grow your business. You’re a badass business owner who doesn’t have time to monitor frustrating miscommunications. By the time you realise that your team is inefficient and unprepared, the next big deadline has already been missed. 

You need someone to take over the day-to-day and get your team on track, hitting deadlines, and thriving. 

Let me and my team take over your staff management so that you never waste time chasing up an overdue deadline again. Whether you have in-house staff or a remote hub of subcontractors, your team is what keeps your business going. I’m here to turn your team into a high-achieving unit, making sure they understand exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to have it done.

Online Team Management
Online Team Management

Online team management is perfect for you if:

  • You’re frustrated by miscommunications and missed deadlines that stall your business growth
  • Your team is dragging their feet, preventing you from delegating with confidence.
  • You’re stuck managing day-to-day tasks instead of growing your business.

With a focus on team-building, our goal is to fire up your team members, ensuring that:

  • Your staff are hitting deadlines. 
  • They understand why and how tasks need to be completed.
  • We create a positive and collaborative team environment.
  • Miscommunications are a thing of the past
Online Team Management

Online Team Management Packages:

Re-energise and Remotivate

On an ongoing basis, my team and I will manage your staff and/or subcontractors, ensuring they are on track and know their roles. We will help your team feel engaged and connected to your business and mission, ready to deliver high quality work on time.

Reassess and Rebuild

Has your team recently expanded or lost a member? My team and I will help reassess and develop roles as we rebuild your team. As well as facilitating team cohesion and bonding activities, we will support and restructure your team correctly to ensure everyone is working efficiently.

Online Business Management Services


Brain Dump Session

Get everything out of your head and find a clear path toward business success.



Comprehensive Consultation

You bring the ‘What’ and I bring the ‘How’. Together we create success.


Three Month Business Sprint

Spring clean your business in three months as we streamline your processes and goals.

Launch Management

Pull off the perfect launch as I take care care of all the moving parts.

Let’s Chat

Are you unsure about what your business needs right now? Book in for a free chat where we can work together to find out what you need to grow your business and streamline your processes.

Online Team Management
Online Team Management

Are you a business coach or consultant?

Find out how we can work together to achieve your client’s goals.

Warm and fuzzy client love

Katie and her team are AMAZING! I can’t articulate in words exactly what they have done not only for my business but for me when I have days when it all gets to much!

I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Samantha Hall

The Wholesale Agency

Katie is thorough, organised and trustworthy and I feel like our business is safe in her hands. Katie, thank you so much for all your help so far.

We’re looking forward to a long-lasting collaboration!”

Marith Roelofs

“Katie and her team is the silver bullet your business needs! She integrated seamlessly into my business in areas of business development, customer service, overdue invoices and general business advice. Highly recommend Your part time PA!

Camilla Jayne Airs

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Online Team Management
Online Team Management
Online Team Management
Online Team Management
Online Team Management
Online Team Management

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