Overcoming Ongoing Overwhelm - Katie Kirsopp

Can we just take a second here and applaud ourselves.

2020 has been a year…it’s definitely been a year of struggle for many. We have gone through a global pandemic, that we are still going through or feeling the effects of but no matter how small your wins are, we are surviving.

This year has probably been so far the year of overwhelm. Even though we apparently have more time, we are overwhelmed by the pressure of being productive.You see on social media all of these people promoting productivity, that you should use your time wisely. That you have more time to put towards your business. I feel like I have less time for myself and my family than I did before the pandemic occurred. It has been a full on grind from March onwards. It got to a point that I was totally overwhelmed and when that happens your instinct is to freeze and shut down, so here is what I found helpful to overcome the overwhelm.

Overcoming Ongoing Overwhelm

10 Steps to Overcome Ongoing Overwhelm

  1. Take a step back and see what is not working
  2. If financially capable to do so, delegate these tasks
  3. If not, slow down. You can’t possibly go the same pace as someone who has a team working for them. Realise that your goals will get accomplished but it will take a little longer.
  4. Work intentionally. What is your goal? If there are any tasks/processes that don’t aid that goal- ditch them
  5. Create a CEO day- a day where you don’t think about your clients. Work on your own business (because we all know this can be put on the back-burner when client hours.
  6. Start the day with you. This can be harder for women with small kids…trust me. But you need some time to wake up and just be with yourself. Get your head in the right mindset so that you can take on your day. Don’t look at your phone.
  7. Create operating hours (for your clients). When you’re a freelancer you don’t have the usual 8:30am to 5pm working hours. Let’s be honest the 9-5 is an ideal but not a realistic interpretation of entrepreneurship. What you can do is create operating hours for your clients. So they may contact you at all hours of the day but you need to set boundaries when you reply to them.
  8. Break it down. If you’re overwhelmed by tasks, onboarding clients or keeping up with your own social media schedule. Create an action plan with steps to tick off. These practical steps that can be put into action will help you feel more in control.
  9. Overthinking will lead to paralysis. Take action every time, you’ll soon realise if it was the right course or not
  10. If you have a family. Plan out non negotiable family time. This may mean that you work more before or after the planned time but you will still feel that rest and balance as you won’t be in front of your computer screen.

What I find helps is that when you’re overwhelmed sometimes its hard to do this on your own. A fox can’t smell its own scent, sometimes we want to help ourselves but we don’t have that insight. That is why having a coach or mentor walk you through it, you will not only feel not alone but you will get through your action plan without a hitch!

I’m sure there are many more I could list here. If you have any that has worked for you please feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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