Human Design Certified

The Comprehensive Business Audit to
Revolutionise Your Efficiency and Income

Unlock the Lifestyle and Success You Desire to transform your business 

so that you increase your profit, and gain your time back. 

Now is the time to transform from a state of constant hustle and overload to a point where you reclaim your hours and grow your operations effectively, all without adding to your current state of busyness.

Learn the strategies to gain more control over your schedule, your team, back end and enhance productivity in a way that doesn’t compound your to-do list.

As a visionary business owner, you’ve hustled to the brink of a breakthrough. Your hard work has paid off, and this year has been a revelation — but there’s a lingering question: 


“How do I keep this momentum going?”

“How do I scale without burning out?”

I understand.

You’re on the cusp of scaling to 7 or 8 figures, and the last thing you want is to be shackled to a business that doesn’t allow you to live the life you’ve worked so hard to earn. It’s time to move from being ‘busy’ to being ‘strategically productive’.


It’s time to ensure that 2024 is not just another year, but your year.


Introducing the 90-Minute Systems Back-End Audit – Your Gateway to Growth.


Limited to an exclusive few  qualified business owners, this intensive, application-only, 90-minute session is priced at $997 — a pivotal investment in your business’s future. 


Because this is no ordinary business audit. This is a full spectrum comprehensive business audit through your back end, team, systems and strategy. 

You’ll get my eyes on every part of your business to ensure you can scale whilst gaining back time. This isn’t about just anyone; it’s about you, the entrepreneur who knows they’re on the edge of something extraordinary.

Here’s what I promise:

  • Personalised Attention: this isn’t a generic fix, it’s a deep dive into your unique business model to see what’s working well and what needs to shift to ensure 2024  is your best year yet.

  • Strategic Gap Analysis: As you scale up your next level, identify the hidden inefficiencies that are stalling your growth and create a map for you to move through them, action them and action them in a way that doesn’t add more busyness on your plate.

  • Lifestyle Design: It’s not just about working to craft the life you inspire to lead in the lifestyle design, we’ll we’ll go into your strengths and see what needs to be built for you specifically, to live the life that you dream of.

  • Time Reclamation: We’ll look at how you can get time back so you can focus on what you love. And see that scaling doesn’t require more time from you.

  • Human Design: align your business system with your personal strengths and value so that you’re scaling your business in the most sustainable and enjoyable way possible.

What Will You Gain?

  • A roadmap to identify what you need to put in place for taking your business to the next level, ensuring clarity in your systems and processes. 

  • I’ll provide actionable steps to improve your systems, transforming how you use your time. It’s not just about finding more hours—it’s about optimising your time to efficiently grow your business.

  • It’s not about finding extra hours; it’s about maximising the ones you already have.

  • Utilising tools for automation and delegating lesser tasks to free up your schedule for more valuable activities.

    Ideal For: CEOs and entrepreneurs seeking a personalized, expert-led transformation of their brand and business approach.

    This is not a cookie-cutter service and you must be an Action Taker and Doer – there is no space for excuses and time-wasting – You want to want success.

    Comfortable with hearing the truth.
    Communication and honest feedback is the Key and it won’t be sugar coated.

I'll show you how we can set up your business to work like a well oiled machine, where all you need to do is show up in your genius zone, doing what you actually want to do.

This “Review” Is for You If…

I’ve worked on the back end of some incredibly successful businesses, and the truth is, success isn’t a solo job.

My expertise is in showing you how to set up a business that can scale whilst providing you with more time.

If you’re ready to scale your income, grow your business and create more spaciousness in your schedule, this is for you.

This isn’t a sales pitch disguised as a review. 

It’s a commitment to your success.

If, by the end, we both see the potential for a partnership, we’ll propose the next steps.

But the focus is you, your business, and your 2024 vision.

Ready to Scale & Live More?

Spaces are intentionally limited to ensure the quality and customization of your experience. 


If this resonates with you, if you’re feeling the pull towards what’s possible, I invite you to apply.


Transform your tomorrow by taking the first step today. Because scaling to millions while claiming back your time isn’t just a dream— it’s your upcoming reality.

Your next-level business awaits. Let’s make 2024 the year you scale to millions and work less. Because you deserve a business that grows with you, not one that demands more from you. 

Your time is now.

A note from Katie

My gift is being able to see the bigger picture, see where you want to be, and reverse engineer it to get you there.

I love working with fast-paced clients – who are ready to get things done.I thrive on honest,  strategic conversations, and pushing the boundries with what we can achieve.

I will take care of your back end, systems, strategy, and team allowing you to step into your CEO Power, giving you back your time and freedom.

Together we go ALL IN.