Human Design Certified

The Rise of the Soul-Led Entrepreneur

It’s time to call BULLSHIT on the online world.

Now is the time to become EDUCATED

Learn from the TRUE heart-led leaders.

In this overcrowded online space, how do you know who to work with or what you truly need?

When you’re online, every single person is trying to sell you something. It’s up to you to navigate your way through the bullshit without missing the hidden gems along the way.

Now is the time for you to educate yourself. To discover exactly what you and your business needs and how to find the perfect fit online. 

    Ever felt the following feels?

    → You have felt taken advantage of by an online service,

    → Felt like you had your insecurities prayed on.

    → Invested in a service that was nothing like you expected.

    → Committed all your heart, soul, and money only to receive no support.

    → You know that you need help, but don’t want a one size fits all approach.

    → You’re looking for someone who ‘gets’ you and your unique approach to business.

    Follow the light, my friend… here it is shining bright for you!

    Step into a container that will hold you, both on an energetic level as well as a business level.

    If you relate, this is the event for you. We have bought together a range of industry leaders who are leading with their hearts. They know their shit, and they know what they provide is the real deal.

    These leaders DO NOT use bro-marketing to get a sale. They are not afraid to say NO if you are not the right fit. Most importantly, they own their integrity.

    Every speaker in this event has done the inner work themselves. They have experienced growth, are connected with their energy, and are here to SERVE.

    Learn how to find the right service FOR YOU.

    Discover the tips and tricks that will reveal who is legit and aligned with your goals. We have a range of experts who will share their knowledge, from coaches to OBMs, designers, modalities and so much more!

    Become empowered in the online world. It’s time to take ownership and be EDUCATED.

    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and this is your golden ticket to own it.

    Why did I decide to do this?

    I am sick of people not being educated about the choices they make online. 


    There is so much smoke and mirrors in the online world. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair. People are left feeling deflated and like they are not good enough. This needs to stop NOW.

    This is NOT a place where you come to unload. It’s a place for you to learn and then go and make an educated, informed decision.

    You still need to do the WORK.

    You still need to SHOW UP.

    It’s about educating you in finding the RIGHT SUPPORT.

    Katie xo