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The Ultimate VIP Strategic Experience


Business Owner: What got you to this point in your business simply cannot get you to a 7 Figure, scaled business.

Welcome to VIP Business Clarity:
The key to unlocking 7 figures while finding balance in business.

Let me explain…

First, a harsh truth:
Getting things done doesn’t equal business growth.

And, getting more done is a recipe to your business stagnating.

The business owner who focuses on the doing plateaus at $200K per year.

That might be fine for you… 
but if you’re somebody who knows that, inside of them, they have the potential of running a business that profits multiple six figures with ease, surrounded by a team you love…

Then an entirely new way of thinking, working, and being is non-negotiable.

So many business owners fall into the trap of thinking that doing more equals making more. 

They believe it will be quicker, easier, and more effective to complete every task themselves, the way they want it done. 

And, in doing so… lose sight of the bigger picture.

The reality?

Doing it all means you don’t have the time or bandwidth to grow the asset you’ve built.

  • Creating more profit.
  • Building additional income streams.
  • Designing processes & systems.
  • Driving retention and lifetime value.
  • Growing a team.


And doing all of these things so your PROFIT from the business grows without sacrificing the TIME in your life.


The key to avoiding this recipe for burnout is strategy. 

That’s where I come in.

As 2023 comes into view, I am offering a small number of VIP Business Clarity Days.

This isn’t “vision, mission, values” work (though I believe everything is energetics).

This is about pulling your business apart.

What income streams are most profitable?

Where can we drive more client delight & retention?

How can we drive additional cashflow?

Where are we losing potential revenue?

Where are you doing work we could delegate?

What systems and structures are easy to get into place?

How can we tighten up your product mix?

All of these questions (and more) are a function of one word: STRATEGY.


2023 is coming.


And, you and I both know, it’s going to start… and then it’ll suddenly be this time of year again.


January 2023 is going to set the tone for the coming year.


And, this time of year is the ideal time for reflection, resetting, and planning.

Ready to experience business growth without burning out?

Split into two half days, we’ll first analyse your business and then develop a strategic 90-day growth plan.

Day One is all about you.


We’ll go through your entire business, from your current systems and processes to your business wins, losses, and headaches.


This is where we pinpoint exactly where your business is, your role in your business, and most importantly, where you want to be.


After gathering all that intel, it’s time for me to work my magic behind the scenes.


Using everything I learned about you and your business on Day One, I’ll develop a strategic 90-day plan that will completely transform your business strategy and get you where you want to go.


From planning custom systems and outlining essential processes to laying out the strategic path to your goals, this 90-day plan shows you exactly how to progress in your business for the next three months.


Once I’ve perfected your growth strategy and 90-day plan, it’s time for Day Two.


We’ll meet back up to go over the plan in detail, address any of your concerns, and even set up a project manager to action the plan for you as an optional extra.


This business growth experience isn’t about telling you vague tips to grow your business.


We’re going to  break down every step, step-by-step, you need to grow your unique business and achieve your specific goals, explaining why and how at every turn. 

Get your bespoke 90-day action plan for just $3200  now.

Not sure if VIP Business Strategy is for you?
Raise a hand if you:


  • Feel you have no time in your business
  • Work your ass off, but are still worried about cash flow some months.
  • Are always busy, but feel like you’re only just keeping up.
  • Are overwhelmed, with no idea where to start or what to do next in your business.
  • Have plateaued when it comes to business growth.
  • Have a team that isn’t doing as much as it could be.
  • Are constantly chasing up deadlines (or being chased by clients).
  • Wake up in the middle of the night remembering that important thing you forgot to do.
  • Feel like there should be more upsides to running your business.
  • Are sick of feeling alone and that nobody gets it
  • Have so many ideas but just don’t know where, how, or when to start.

The only pathway through this is to hit the pause button.

To think through how 2023 will be different.

To get ahead of the curve.

Hey, Katie here

I’m the strategy-lover who’ll be analysing your businesses and developing the custom plan you need for growth. 

Over the past five years, I’ve built two six-figure businesses and helped countless business owners grow to seven figures. 

From my time working as an Online Business Manager, I’ve planned and implemented dozens of successful, profit turning strategies in all types of businesses. 

As far as strategy goes, I’ve personally seen what works and what doesn’t. So many business owners I know worked themselves to the bone in pursuit of those seven figures, only to burn out with no progress. What I can tell you with all honesty is that more work doesn’t equal more profit. In fact, it’s the business owners who spend the least amount of time working in their business who often achieve the most growth. 

One thing I know for sure? 

Achieving business balance is not a paint by numbers process. With a natural gift of being able to align you both physically and spiritually with your business, I love integrating human design into my strategies. 

This allows me to create a plan that is entirely centered around you and your goals, designed to get you where you need to go.

If you’re ready to swap out day-to-day stress for more profit, I’d love to take you on this business experience.