Voxer! This app will change your LIFE! - Katie Kirsopp

Good communication makes a huge difference within a team’s dynamic and success to work well together. It’s the difference between working effectively or making mistakes. Luckily Voxer has thought of alllll the gaps that we currently have with remote teams and has solved our problem!

Voxer…does the word ring a bell…Yes?! Then you have found your next love like I have! If your answer was No…then you’re going to want to read on. This app will change your life!

Voxer is a “walkie talkie” app which helps you communicate with your team when they are working remotely. It uses a real-time voice messaging system as if you were talking on walkie-talkies. I do like the noise effects that they have included when you sign off of your voice message, takes me back to when I was a kid playing walkie talkies with my friends.

The first notification you receive is of the person talking in real-time and you can click it to listen to them before they have fully sent the message. I love using it to explain ideas, concepts and instructions without having to text it all out. 

Voxer! This app will change your LIFE!

How does this differ from voice messaging via Facebook Messenger or any other app?

You can speak with no time constraints. No need to rush, explain everything you need too. Oh…and the fact that you can listen in real-time. But like all of the other apps you can still text, share photos, video, GIFs and even share your location. It’s your new one stop shop with everything you need to communicate effectively.

The app is super convenient as it is available on iPhone, Android and Desktop…no excuses now!

Some other features that are useful for businesses are:

  • Able to create a private network
  • Manage your teams
  • Unlimited Message storage
  • Voice to text transcription
  • Dropbox Integration
  • SSL Encryption
  • Large Group Chats with up to 500 people

You can start to see how this would be great for your business…Think about it. You’re having a team meeting or even a conference and you can get the text transcribed automatically! How cool is that…no more need to ask who wants to write down notes.

Speaking of notes, one feature I love to use when I’m on the go is that I can send myself voice notes and it is filed under a notes tab so I can go back to them whenever I need.

This app is great for businesses and teams who want a more seamless process without the leg work and have the motto of working smarter not harder. This app saves me time and is efficient so I can focus on providing results.

Sounds too good to be true? You should try it out and let me know if you are on Team Voxer!

If you have any other MUST HAVE apps that will help me become an organised OBM goddess let me know in the comments!

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