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What is an OBM

What is an OBM?

How An OBM Can Take You & Your Team
from 6 to 7 figures & beyond

As entrepreneurs, we know: scaling your business is one of the most challenging things you’ll do in your life.

The first $100K – on your own – was hard. But… sometimes… if we’re honest: we miss that simplicity.

There are aspects that have made us a victim of our own success. We’re busier than ever. The pressure is higher than ever. We have more moving parts than ever.

At it’s core… the dream is still there: own a business that doesn’t need us in the day to day.

To ELEVATE out of our business and have a team who run it with ease.

Because YOU know the business is simple, right? If it was just you – and you didn’t need the team, or have the client volume, or the amount of work to do – YOU know how this thing works. 

But it’s been damn near impossible to get the work off your plate.


You need an Online Business Manager – an OBM.


OBMs aren’t VAs. VAs action tasks for you – they are tremendous.


But it’s not the executing that causes the pressure on you.


It’s the STRATEGY. The thinking. Planning. Being ahead of today. Knowing what’s needed tomorrow.


Enter: an OBM. otherwise known as Integrator, Right- Hand and gate keeper of your time


OBMs are accredited, trained professionals who can bridge the gap between your strategy and the team executing.


Imagine somebody who can draw what you need OUT of your brain, get it onto paper (or better: a task management tool), communicate it to the team, follow it through to completion… and then just let you know it’s done.


Imagine somebody who is overseeing your business systems – who owns the CRM being up to date, the task manager being followed up, emails and calendars being accurate.


Who sets UP systems and processes instead of asking you to.


Manages the team, all the niggling questions, the hiring and onboarding and the letting go.


That ONE person who gets you, supports you and is there for you and the business.


That’s the genius of an OBM, someone to get you out of the day to day.


But, most entrepreneurs and business owners – especially in Australia – aren’t sure how to find an OBM who can truly hold that level of responsibility.

Enter this FREE MasterClass: What is an OBM?

How An OBM Can Take You & Your Team from 6 to 8 Figures


Wed 1st March 2023
10AM – 11:30AM AEDT (Melb/Syd)
Zoom Webinar

Over this 90 minute free virtual event, Katie Kirsopp (Australia’s leading OBM)  will take you through EXACTLY what you need to know to hire, onboard, and retain a quality OBM who oversees your business’ day to day – freeing you up for deeper strategy and more living.

✅ The certification & accreditation process for OBMs – what they know
✅ How to find the right OBM for your business
✅ What OBMs can do to optimise ROI in your business
✅ The must-have systems every service business needs
✅ How you can hand over your team to an OBM without losing visibility over your business’ performance
✅ What a service business requires at each stage of revenue and profitability

The goal of this webinar is simple:
get you OUT of the day to day, without compromising your business’ profitability, cash flow, or performance.


Meet Katie

Katie Kirsopp, a certified Online Business Owner, and Human Design Expert has been working closely with driven entrepreneurs and CEOS to streamline and simplify their businesses.

An expert in the business backend, teams, and aligning your business for growth, she saw the need for a full-service experience in the market. Partnering with her clients, it’s her driving mission to ensure anyone who works within her eco system feels seen, heard, and supported. 

Business is relationships, and her promise is that you will never feel like just another number.

Katie can strategically and intuitively see how to get you to where you want to be, see the operational blocks, and the team setbacks and work WITH YOU in creating an aligned business that you love.

What other business owners have said:

“Katie has the breadth of knowledge that is rare in this space, that you only get when having earned your stripes by building your own successful online business. We brought Katie into our team for a product launch that we decided to pull together very quickly. It was a complex launch with many moving parts and a detailed affiliate program managing 70 affiliates. She was a great communicator and project manager who was never afraid to offer suggestions to improve processes and systems. I can’t recommend Katie enough. An absolute gem in the online space.”

Melissa Ambrosini

Hear from Dr Adeela Afiz – Life and Business Intuitive Mentor & Founder of the Life Whispering Institute


What is an OBM?
How An OBM Can Take You & Your Team from 6 to 8 Figures


Wed 1st March 2023
10AM – 11:30AM AEDT (Melb/Syd)
Zoom Webinar