Why you should Upskill - Katie Kirsopp
Why you should Upskill

Whether you are an administrative VA, or a graphics designer VA, you need to upskill to stay competitive in this fast-paced industry. 

Upskilling will not only add new skills to your resume but improve the existing ones to make you more agile and up to date with the times. There are a plethora of skills that you can acquire for professional development and growth in your career.

If you are solely relying on administrative experience, you may get beaten by more adept virtual assistants who have multiple skills in other fields of technology. To be an expert VA, you need to stay ahead of your competition by always upskilling to make your resume more attractive.

The place where you can start is by looking for online courses in your relevant field. This could be a graphics design course or a Photoshop course that you can learn to boost your employability prospects. Companies are looking for highly trained professionals who have a versatile skillset, so if you acquire multiple skills from different fields, you would still be looked at highly when compared to other candidates who only have skills in one particular field. The more versatile you become, the greater your chances of finding quality employment. You can also improve the credibility of your resume if you have an extensive list of skills that you have learned as a VA.

In the 21st century, as technology is rapidly evolving, the chances are high that your skills may get redundant soon. With every passing day, the world is getting more competitive as more and more candidates enter the workforce with your existing skills. To stay ahead of the times, you need to adapt and add new skills to your repertoire so that you can become an irreplaceable asset to your company. 

There are plenty of online learning websites such as SkillShare and Udemy where you can find thousands of courses taught by professionals of multiple industries. By paying just a small membership fee, you will have access to thousands of courses at the tip of your fingers, and by leveraging your new-found skills, and upskilling your existing set of skills, you can demand better pay and working conditions from your employer.

If you are looking for a free outlet to upskill, then you can do so by visiting LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a vast treasure trove of courses that teach everything from management to web development, and many of them are free. So, if you want to be taught by the absolute best of the professionals, you can start by learning courses such as “Jeff Weiner on Managing Compassionately”, or “J.T. O’Donnell on Making Recruiters Come to You”. These courses are geared towards making your employability prospects brighter, and you can learn them without paying anything out of your pocket!

Upskilling allows you to gain fresh insight and perspective in your career. It is an avenue to ensure that your job remains secure even in the future. Uncertainty is something that no individual likes. 

The only path towards beating an uncertain future is to gather knowledge constantly and improving your resume at every opportunity you get. Some VA professionals are also attending business schools to improve their employability prospects, so you simply don’t have the option of resting on your heels. 

Do internships, learn new courses, and keep up with the changing times to always stay ahead of your competitors.